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Five Writers That Knew Horses Best And The Series They Wrote For Kids

Horse-crazy is not just a life stage. It is usually a life-long love affair with these powerful but graceful quadrupeds. No one knows that better than authors who spent their years writing kids books about horses. The following authors, and their beloved horse characters, will help you share your love of horses with a child close to you.

Walter Farley

In his career as a writer, Mr. Farley wrote over thirty books about a stunning midnight-black Arabian horse and his boy, Alec. At that time, many horse stories were written for girls, but there were none for boys. His stories and books showed that boys could love and ride horses, too. His first two books later became movies.

Marguerite Henry

Ms. Henry wrote at least three best-selling and award-winning novels about the wild ponies of Chincoteague Island, and another about a wild burro from the southwestern canyons. It sparked an interest in children everywhere who knew nothing about adopting a wild horse, pony, or burro. Because of her stories, thousands of people flock to the round-ups of these animals, which is conducted by the Bureau of Land Management firefighters of Chincoteague and nearby Assateague every year.

Anna Sewell

Quite possibly one of the most famous stories ever written, Ms.Sewell's horse story is written from the first-person perspective of the horse. The tale is autobiographical in nature, telling the life story of a beautiful black horse and his life in Victorian times. People are secondary to the story, as this horse and the horse friends he makes along the way tell most of the tale from the thoughts of the horses. For anyone who has ever wondered what horses think, this is a good view into that world.

Enid Bagnold

A British writer, Ms. Bagnold was a prolific writer. However, she is most well-known for her one foray into the horse story world. It tells about a young girl who dreams of owning and racing horses in a world where female jockeys are not allowed. A happenstance encounter with a horse on the loose leads her to national and international fame. Based on a true story, it may just inspire your children to race and/or own horses as well.

Nicholas Evans

Mr. Evans' horse stories introduced people to the art of horse whispering. Up until he wrote about it, only Native Americans knew about this technique for training horses. The content is more apropos for teens, but there is still something to be learned about the world of horses.